Structure of Ms in Finance - Solvay Business School


Module 1 - Corporate finance

This course will examine recent developments in the field of Corporate Finance. It also provides a solid preparation for the first and second years of the CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) professional certification.

Module 2 - Financial Reporting and Analysis

Within the context of the introduction of the IFRS/IAS standards, this course provides an in-depth review of the major accounting standards, with an emphasis on the differences between IFRS, Belgian and other foreign accounting and reporting standards. Special emphasis will be given to issues arising from business combinations and consolidated financial statements. Class sessions will alternate between lectures and case studies. The practical implications of accounting for financial instruments will be presented by professionals.

Module 3 - Derivatives

This module presents the main categories of financial derivatives, with particular emphasis on their valuation via the arbitrage method and their uses within financial markets and companies. In terms of different product types, with either delayed or conditional delivery, the course will analyse value components, price setting and hedging techniques as a function of underlying assets.

Module 4 - International Investments

This course provides a sound knowledge of the fundamentals of modern portfolio theory, asset allocation theory and portfolio construction techniques. It aims at giving a full picture of all steps of the investments process, from risk profiling to performance measurement, along with portfolio modelling and optimisation, rebalancing requirement and active management.

Module 5 - Risk Management

This part of the programme has been designed to address the growing interest in risk management issues resulting from the Basle Banking Regulatory Reforms. This course also provides valuable preparation for the GARP professional certification.

Module 6 - Insurance Management

In recent years the insurance industry has faced a period of rapid change and consolidation, with recent natural and man-made disasters triggering additional balance sheet pressures. However, the convergence between the insurance and banking industries, the emergence of insurance as an asset class and the fast rate of growth of life insurance markets have also made this a time of opportunity. This course will review the basics of property/casualty insurance, life insurance and re-insurance. It will also address the challenges that these business lines raise for the Asset-Liability Manager and discuss all relevant regulatory issues. The course will conclude with an examination of insurance purchasing by corporations as part of their corporate risk management.

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