Available Smart Tags

Smart Tags Overview

Save time by using smart tags to perform actions. Smart tags make it easier for you to complete some of the most common Office tasks and provide you with more control over automatic features. For example, adding a name to a Microsoft Outlook Contacts folder is one action that might be taken with a person name smart tag. For more information about smart tags, please click here. Below you will find smart tags provided by external providers. In addition, you can find smart tags developed by Microsoft.

ActiveDocs™ brings you Smart Tag Solutions to create your own Microsoft Word Smart Tags and access the information you need without leaving your document. Connect to external data sources to save more time and increase productivity - without any programming.Create custom smart tags with ActiveDocs*

DataPortal™ Smart Tags add-in makes it easy for Office users to create and share smart tags. Using the DataPortal Wizard to create smart tags that link to any enterprise database is uncomplicated: just a few clicks of the mouse. With the DataPortal Smart Tags, users can quickly insert, display, or use information in Microsoft Word or Microsoft Outlook® e-mail. DataPortal makes your Microsoft Office an exciting, smarter, and more collaborative and effective portal to your organization's information. Use the Data Portal smart tags wizard*

Avery® Edition of ProWrite™ let's you create labels from Outlook®. Just highlight one or more of your contacts, launch ProWrite - Labels from the toolbar, select the Avery product you want to format, and you’re ready to print from Microsoft Word. It’s that quick and easy! And it’s free. With over 100 Avery products supported, you can create mailing and filing labels, name badges, and more.Try the ProWrite smart tag. *

WhitePages.com Smart Tag from Nereosoft and W3Data lets you easily look up and insert contact information directly into Microsoft Office Word or Outlook®. Simply type a name, address, or phone number into a document or e-mail message, and then click on the Smart Tag icon to insert the corresponding address or map. This is a big time-saver for users who currently have to toggle between various programs when creating contact lists or correspondence. Download the WhitePages.com Smart Tag*

Worldlingo allows access to translation services for text, email, and web pages with this Smart Tag. Obtain quotes and send documents for professional translation. Includes information about international business practices with country-specific data. Try instant translations with Worldlingo*

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