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Dear students,
Below are some sources for those who want to listen to or read lectures by distinguished professors as well as the teaching materials of the most pretigious Universities in the US relating to your majors or research topics.
Free lectures on the internet could be found here:
I/ Bai giang cua cac giao su tai cac truong dai hoc va hoc vien duoi dang file audio va video co the xem tai
http://www.researchchannel.org/ ResearchChannel presents video programs from the world's leading research institutions. - Dai hoc California: http://video.google.com/ucberkeley
II/ Nhung truong co open courses (cho phep download tat ca tai lieu cua cac khoa hoc ma truong nay dang giang day)
1/ Massachusetts Institute of Technology at
2/ Stanford handouts:
http://eeclass.stanford.edu/cgi-bin/course_list.cgi (chi co handouts ma thoi)
Utah State University OCW or http://ocw.usu.edu/Index/ECIndex_view
Johns Hopkins School of Public Health OCW or http://ocw.jhsph.edu/
Tufts University OCW or http://ocw.tufts.edu/
Foothill De-Anza SOFIA or http://sofia.fhda.edu/
Carnegie Mellon Open Learning Initiative or http://www.cmu.edu/oli/
http://iberry.com/ ( The Open Courseware Directory (OCD) is an annotated listing of publicly available courseware (lecture notes, handouts, slides, tutorial material, exam questions, quizzes, videos, demonstrations etc) from the world's universities, colleges and other educational institutes.
Website hoc tieng Anh - Hoc tieng anh qua games:
http://www.cogcon.com/gamegoo/games/monkey/monkey.html (co ca tieng, chu viet, hinh anh) - hoc tieng anh qua cartoons:http://www.monkey-business.net/
Mot hoc sinh cu cua thay, anh Le Duc Tan, lam tai Vietnam Economic Time, nguoi vua hoc o Ha Lan ve, co 10.000 cuon sach tieng Anh cua du an Gutenberg. Ban ay san sang gui cho ai quan tam. Hay vao trang web Gutenberg http://www.gutenberg.org/, ai thich sach gi thi gui mail cho ban Le Duc Tan theo dia chi \n ' ); //--> Địa chỉ email này đang được bảo vệ khỏi chương trình thư rác, bạn cần bật Javascript để xem nó ' ); //--> " href="mailto: ' ); //-->\n ' ); //--> Địa chỉ email này đang được bảo vệ khỏi chương trình thư rác, bạn cần bật Javascript để xem nó ' ); //-->">


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. Ban Tan la nguoi rat nhiet tinh, cung co tam long cao ca nhu thay, nen san sang giup do cac em, ke ca tu van du hoc. Mong ai hoc thay cung co tam long cao ca nhu vay. Thuc su la chi ai biet thuong yeu, giup do nguoi khac mot cach vo tu moi la nguoi hanh phuc. Ban Tan luc dau hoc thay cung u o lam, the ma gio rat gioi, thay da dung nhieu bai ban ay viet bang tieng Anh day o lop roi day. Va cung la mot Mister Know - All.

Teacher Tan


  1. What is an LLM?
    The LL.M. (Master of Laws) is an internationally-recognized postgraduate law degree. It is usually obtained by completing a one-year full-time program. The LL.M. is a higher academic degree, comparable to an MBA in business and management. Law students and professionals frequently pursue the LL.M. to gain expertise in a specialized field of law, for example in the area of tax law or international law. Many law firms prefer job candidates with an LL.M. degree because it indicates that a lawyer has acquired advanced, specialized legal training, and is qualified to work in a multinational legal environment.

    In most countries, lawyers are not required to hold an LL.M. degree, and many do not choose to obtain one. An LL.M. degree by itself generally does not qualify graduates to practice law. In most cases, LL.M. students must first obtain a professional degree in law, e.g. the Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) in the United Kingdom or the Juris Doctor (J.D.) in the United States, and pass a bar exam or the equivalent exam in other countries, such as the Zweites Staatsexamen in Germany. While the general curriculum of the LL.B. and J.D. is designed to give students the basic skills and knowledge to become lawyers, law students wishing to specialize in a particular area can continue their studies with an LL.M. program. Some universities also consider students for their LL.M. program who hold degrees in other related areas, or have expertise in a specific area of law.

    Graduation requirements for an LL.M. program vary depending on the respective university guidelines. Some programs are research-oriented and require students to write a thesis, while others only offer a number of classes that students must take to complete the course of study. Many LL.M. programs combine both coursework and research. Part-time programs are also available for professionals wishing to complete their LL.M. while working full-time.

    Prospective students should be aware that there is no universal definition for the term LL.M. It is used in different ways by institutions around the world. Particularly in the United States and Germany, LL.M. programs are often designed to teach foreign lawyers the basic legal principles of the host country. In this regard, the LL.M. can help lawyers seeking to relocate and practice in another country, or expand their area of practice to multinational issues. The completion of an LL.M. program, however, does not automatically qualify foreign students to take the bar exam in their host country. In the U.S., for example, some states allow foreign lawyers to seek admission to the bar upon completion of an LL.M., while in other states, a J.D. is required.

    LL.M. is an abbreviation of the Latin Legum Magister, which means Master of Laws. In Latin, the plural form of a word is abbreviated by repeating the letter. Hence, "LL." is short for "laws." Legum is the possessive plural form of the Latin word lex, which means "specific laws", as opposed to the more general concept embodied in the word jus, from which the word juris and the modern English word "justice" are derived.
    http://www.llm-guide.com/what-is-an-llm - TUAN ANH

  2. http://www.hkex.com.hk/news/hkexnews/061207news.htm TTCK TQ

  3. http://www.chinabusinessreview.com/public/0601/overmyer.html

  4. http://cob.bloomu.edu/ramin/Ammar%20Lecture%20Notes/

  5. http://vmhn.org - Oriented Open Courseware
    I designed the frameworks for readers to improve their knowledge toward the career aspect. Hope to receive your comments.

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