ABS LS - leasing management system

ABS LS - leasing management system

LS Equipment / Operative leasing LS Financial leasing LS Loans

ABS LS Operative Leasing (OPL) module offers small and big companies an attractive software solution operative leasing as a sequence to cover all other company processes within the company (finance, purchase, sale, long-term property, etc.)

ABS LS Operative leasing module perfectly covers and processes all services provided by you related to object leasing such as e.g. financing, insurance, damages solution, guarantee and after guarantee service, toll stickers, etc.

Structure of the solution ABS LS Equipment / Operative leasing

· Leasing contracts registration

· Models (OPL Objects)

· Schedule of due dates

· Leasing calculator

· Property registration

· Reminders and penalties

· Workflow

· History

· Dimension

· Customer

· Currencies

· Structure documentation (NOTE)

· Register of credits

· Leasing contract Calculator

· Register field in a header of a leasing contract

· Export to Microsoft Office Word

· Interface for import of leasing contract from external source

· Connection to CRM

ABS LS Financial leasing

Module ABS LS Financial leasing for financial leasing, integrate suite of end to end leasing and finance software solutions catering to the needs of Retail and Wholesale finance Businesses. ABS LS Financial leasing is Axiom's premium suite for leasing industry which covers the entire leasing and lending life cycle by streamlining all the processes originating from quote generation through efficient portfolio management till the complete contract closure. ABS LS Financial leasing is a proven software application acknowledged due to its completeness and competitiveness. The flexibility offered by Axiom helps targeting various industry segments which involves leasing and finance management.

ABS LS Financial leasing benefits:

Leasing operation suggestion and calculation Leasing contracts evidence Automatic Leasing contracts posting with full control in Financial management Fully integrated with other Microsoft Dynamics NAV modules (like Financials, Inventory, etc.) Deep analytics functions (OLAP etc.)

Leasing Calculator

· Interactive Leasing contracts suggestions

· All necessary information on one screen

· Different Contracts version and their archivation during sales (offer) process

Annuity calendar calculation

· Automatic annuity calendar suggestion and calculation according various criteria (leasing duration, no. of annuity, annuity period, etc.)

Leasing contracts evidence

· Leasing contracts are archived with all leasing parameters including

· All invoices and payments evidence connected with Leasing contract evidence

Automatic posting

· Automatic process for posting invoices from Leasing contracts according various criteria and send electronic information to customers by email

Contract templates - you could prepare unlimited own Contract templates in Microsoft Word format and system enables you to export data from Leasing contract directly into these templates automatically.

VAT change - if VAT is changed it is possible to make proper change into Leasing contracts and system automatically calculates new annuity calendars and payments.

Fixed assets evidence

· All Leasing contracts are connected with fixed assets entries

· There are standard functionalities for depreciation, maintenance evidence, etc.

Bank loans evidence

· Bank loans (your loan from bank) evidence including interest payment

· Loan utilization tracking etc.

· Comparison between Bank loan utilization and connected Leasing contracts profit

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